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Drones for agriculture

Precision Agriculture is a concept agronomic management of agricultural plots which aims to make the right things in the right places and moments . This type of agriculture is a tool to use in production systems in order to achieve optimization of inputs , reducing environmental impacts and improving production and quality of the harvest and the ability to manage traceability of the whole process of agricultural production.

Agrodrone is a growing company founded in 2014 and specializing in services based on precision agriculture, using remote sensing and next for the analysis of vegetative growth and water status of crops and agricultural potential of soils .

Precision agriculture

We improve the efficiency of their production through the use of next-generation sensors

Specific Crop management

Characterization of the spatial and temporal variability plot for water management and fertilizer

Own I + D + i

We apply methodologies developed by our staff in collaboration with research centers



Maps based farming and thermal multispectral aerial photographs.


Soil mapping based on geophysical magnetic sensors.


We have an agricultural laboratory in our facilities.


  • 3D terrain mapping

  • Mapping Solar Orientation

    Mapping Solar Orientation

  • Sensor in the Quad

    Sensor in the Quad

  • Sensor in the Drone

    Sensor in the Drone

  • Sensor in the Drone

    Sensor in the Drone

  • Sensor in the Quad

    Sensor in the Quad

  • Scanner , mapping sensor

    Scanner , mapping sensor

  • Laboratory samples

    Laboratory samples

  • Crop Thermal Image

    Crop Thermal Image

Life Resilience: Prevention of X. fastidiosa in intensive olive and almond plantations applying productive green farming practices es un proyecto que pretende buscar prácticas sostenibles y productivas para la prevención de Xylella fastidiosa en las plantaciones de olivar y almendro en intensivo y alta densidad.

A lo largo de los años de este proyecto, cofinanciado por el programa Life de la Unión Europea, LIFE Resilience también pretende demostrar con mejores prácticas sostenibles y tecnologías que se puede reducir el consumo de agua y la huella de carbono, aumentar la biodiversidad y la resistencia a las plagas de patógenos sin comprometer el rendimiento.


Highly qualified and committed people

Our staff is very committed to bring you the best price and innovation needs


    Antón Córdoba Pérez


    Rafael Fortes Gallego

    PhD. Agricultural engineer

    Cristina Antúnez Chacón

    Agricultural Engineer

    Jorge Blanco Gallego

    PhM. Agricultural engineer

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